You've Got Snail

Your new beast friends (and other important art works) need your help.

This summer at Newfields, you’ll see bears picking apples in the orchard, penguins cooling off in the IMA Galleries, and alligators sunning in garden pathways – all part of Summer Wonderland: Spectacular Creatures, on display through August 26. What you won’t see is the team of people behind the scenes who make sure they are clean, safe, and cared for.


You may have received a note from our friend the blue snail recently. (If not, be patient. Snail mail moves pretty slowly.) We hope he will inspire you to make a donation to support exhibitions and art conservation at Newfields. His message was light-hearted, but caring for the Newfield’s collection is serious business. Your support helps make sure masterpieces by Picasso, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh are here for future generations.

Donate Now

The playful creatures of Summer Wonderland have a serious mission. They're here to spread a message about the environmental impact of recycling (did you know, they’re made from recyclable plastic by the Italian art collective Cracking Art?) and they can't do it without the team of people who care for them. And they can’t do their jobs without you.