The Garden
Lilly House
open 11 AM - 4 PM

Note: The Lilly House is closed from October 29 until November 13 for Winterlights install. 

To celebrate this special time of year, we invite guests through the front door, as the family would’ve. Once inside, you’ll experience the home transformed. This year’s theme is a sophisticated handcrafted design inspired by Mr. Lilly’s famed book collection. Using paper, a traditional holiday decorating material, each room features unique surprises. Piles of presents, origami butterflies, and a giant paper chandelier are just a few examples.

Are you excited for the decorations and want to learn about the house and families who lived there? Public tours will be provided by Lilly House docents at 2pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through January 6th.

Additionally, The Madeline F. Elder Greenhouse remains open throughout the holiday season. Stop by to see how our staff takes care of traditional holiday plants used in the displays at Lilly House.

Explore at your own pace. Use your mobile device to take a tour of Lilly House - Click here

November 18 - January 6

Deck the Halls at Lilly House

Lilly House
11am - 4pm and during Winterlights 5pm - 9 pm

Lilly House has been decked out in ways you’ve never seen during our forty seven years of decorating for the holidays.



Accessible restrooms are located on the lower level of the Lilly House.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome.

Mobility Access

The Garden

We have an outdoor wheelchair to borrow for the day, on a first come first served basis. Please note that on busy days (holidays, special events, and summer weekends) outdoor mobile devices rent out quickly and may not be available; it may be wise to make other arrangements. You are welcome to bring your own manual wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, or electric mobility scooter to use in The Garden.

Portions of The Garden include accessible pathways. Newfields staff at the Admissions desk are happy to provide guests with a Garden map and highlight these pathways upon arrival.

Seasonal tram tours provide a driving tour of The Garden on the Newfields’ Tram, the Late Miss Kate. Tours begin in early April and run through October. Please visit our website to choose the right time and tram tour options for you.

Lilly House

Wheelchairs are available for free on a first-come, first served basis. To borrow a wheelchair at Lilly House, please check in with the desk located at the main entrance on the lower level.

  • The Lilly House entrance is located on the lower level of the house. Guests approach the entrance by way of the chauffeur’s drive at the north end of the building. The drive is a gently sloping curve, descending approximately 11½ feet over a distance of about 300 feet. Temporary entrance ramps for the front doors are available upon request. We ask that guests please contact Lindsay Holstine, head of our Accessibility Taskforce, three weeks in advance of your visit in order to provide you with these accommodations.
  • Inside the house, a ramp with handrails leads from the entry level to an elevator that can take guests to Floors 1 and 2. Because the elevator car dates to the 1930s and is relatively small, a staff member will operate it for any guest who wishes to use it.
  • The staircase in Lilly House is circular with 16 steps (8” rise) leading from the top of the ground-floor ramp to Floor 1, and 23 steps (7” rise, with one landing) leading from Floor 1 to Floor 2. Both stairs feature handrails.
  • While moving through the rooms on Floor 1, guests will encounter different floor surfaces (wood, marble, linoleum, carpet) and two small ramps that bridge a 3½-inch change in floor elevation on the west side of the house.
  • As you marvel at the beauty of Lilly House, seating options are available throughout. Sit and stay as long as you like.